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Riverside County, District 5

Supervisor Hewitt

Some elected officials spend a great deal of their time dodging responsibility. They are clever about it, of course. They have all sorts of quick steps. One trick that really pokes me in the gizzard is the use of overpaid consultants to make “hard” decisions.

There are not really all that many hard decisions in government. What makes decisions “difficult” is that politicians don’t want to be held responsible for anything. To avoid having to answer to the people, they bring in someone from far away, pay them millions of our tax dollars, and in return get told to do what was obvious in the first place.

With determination, I will continue to reform our county. Each worker should be actively incentivized to provide quality customer service to the public. When re-elected, I will again serve the public first and foremost and we will do it with speed, diligence, and courtesy. 

Board of Supervisors

Building Community

Recently, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors was able to recognize Anita Worthen as Volunteer of the Year. As Chairman of the Board, it is an absolute honor to have so many exemplary volunteer groups throughout Riverside County. The countless hours and outstanding services our volunteers provide have made our county shine like no other. Thank you Anita and all the others of our community working to make Riverside a better place for all.

The Press-Enterprise

Reopening Riverside County while protecting life and liberty

Read the opinion article written by Jeff Hewitt in support of re-opening Riverside County.
Policy Priorities

What I Will Continue To Fight For


When school fail it is because we have not supported them correctly. I want to see success for every student and a support network to get the entire community involved.

Affordable Housing

We need to build more housing. I am tired of seeing good families pushed out of the area, unable to afford housing. Reducing the costs and increasing the availability of housing is a top priority to me.


We need to work hard to recruit new businesses to Riverside County, expand technological access, and make this a beacon of hope for a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Improve water conservation efforts by leading the way with proven practices, reasonable changes, and investing in outdated infrastructure with new technologies.


We need to address pension debt at all levels. To solve this problem, we need to do two things, secure the debts, and make sure we can deliver on promised benefits.


At the heart of my political belief is liberty - the responsible use of freedom without depriving anyone else of theirs. It is important for all to be treated equally, freely, and fairly.

By the Numbers

Re-Elect Jeff Hewitt

Jeff Hewitt was born in 1953 in Southern California. He graduated from Yucaipa High School and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cal State San Bernardino. While in college, Jeff started his own contracting company by creating new applications for existing technology, eventually applying what he learned to pool construction, including excavation, electrical and plumbing.

Please reach out to my office at the link below if you would like to connect on any official topic.

Critical Opinion

Hewitt on Housing

“Solving the housing problem will solve some of the homelessness problem,” he said. “But I’m looking really, really forward to our county … getting our fair share of those behavioral health dollars (from the state) which are so important to dealing with so many of the homeless.”

-Supervisor Jeff Hewitt

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