The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC Endorses Jeff Hewitt!!!

Jeff Hewitt Honored with a Rare Endorsement for Eliminating Waste and Corruption

In an unprecedented move the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC has expanded its vision to endorse an exclusive list of local California candidates this year including Jeff Hewitt. There is a freight-train of trouble headed for local governments that threatens to balloon local taxes to pay for state mismanagement.

As Mayor of Calimesa, Jeff Hewitt exposed a channel of graft and corruption from Sacramento that threatens to bankrupt local county and city governments. The dastardly plan exploits public safety workers, siphons off their retirements, and bypasses restrictions of new state taxes by making local governments pay up instead.

Join us today to end this economic tragedy in Riverside County before it is too late.

Key Issues

Riverside County is a wonderfully diverse community with the potential to be the most attractive county in California. With these values, Mayor Hewitt will lead us towards his vision of a more efficient and more affluent Riverside County.

Why this election matters to you

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors makes the decisions on a multitude of things that which impact our daily lives. Mayor Jeff Hewitt prides himself on being a fiscal conservative, while maintaining the heart of a public servant, and together we can watch Riverside County become the best that State of California has to offer to its residents.


Identifying the most responsible and effective use of natural resources.

County Contracts

Advocate local small businesses and provide government transparency.

Ordinances and Resolutions

Creating and modifying regulations should always put our communities first.

The Annual Budget

Providing voters an accountable budget is the most important roles of a supervisor.

Supporters of Jeff Hewitt

About Jeff Hewitt

Father, business owner, politician, husband.
A proven success in the private sector and public service.

Riverside County Supervisor District 5 - Jeff Hewitt

Jeff Hewitt was born in 1953 in Southern California. Graduated from Yucaipa High School and Cal State San Bernadino with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. While in College, Jeff started his own contracting company by creating new applications for existing technology then eventually applied what he learned to pool construction, including excavation and plumbing. Since 1985 he has navigated his small business into the success that we see today with Champagne Pools in Calimesa, CA.

In 2004, Jeff Hewitt was asked to serve on the City of Calimesa Planning Commission, which empowered him to do more in Public Service. In 2010 Hewitt ran for City Council, and is now serving his second term as Mayor of Calimesa. With a lifetime of balance between the public and private sector, Mayor Hewitt has the necessary knowledge needed to solve challenges facing Riverside County.


Started first business.


Graduated from CSUSB.


Appointed to planning commission.


Elected to City Council.


Mayor of Calimesa.


Your County Supervisor.

Join us in supporting Jeff Hewitt